Maybe you don’t care about tomorrow, or your trap is going electro, or just maybe you’re a little paranoid about the future? Well what ever is holding you back, I’m telling you right now, there’s a great reason to get fired up about Mad Max! The man behind Dirty Dogz. Yes him! Guess what – they’re teaming up in their hometown, Utrecht.

Some serious background: Mad Max formed Dirty Dogz with the shared passion of putting a new twist on hard hitting EDM with a commercial radio sound in it. Dirty Dogz is a whole new House collective founded in Holland. Characteristic of the original sound with the use of House, Hip hop, Trap and 80/90 ’s music.

Mad Max is a man who’s not easy to describe. Music was always an important factor in his life and the love for creating music started at the age of 14. His perception on life, appearance, style and music is incomparable. He’s always busy developing that layer of coolness and ability that surrounds his person, and this does work out for him very well. He is also a person with a drive and passion for music and performing that is nothing short of contagious.

After extensive work in the studio Dirtydogz has released one of their latest tracks on Purple Eye Recordings called “Miley Cyrus”, which immediately gained massive support and radio plays. “Miley Cyrus is btw also licensed to German biggest label Kontor. Dirty Dogz is recently working on a new single called “Dirty, Inked & Curvy”.

Dirty Dogz is working hard at this moment in the studio, putting the finishes touches to their forthcoming debut album.

Every track on the album hangs between trap, house and certified clubbangers. Trap house is what made them start with their journey and to remind us what letting loose and having a good time is all about. Dirty Dogz continuously pushes the boundaries of the house genre, famously embracing the term #Traphouse.

Their music is proof of this, as they collaborate with rappers, vocalists, and DJs expand the sounds and reach of their music.